Why reclining garden chairs are ALWAYS the best option for entertaining family and friends


Updated for spring/summer 2018, we look at how you can enjoy your garden with a brand new reclining garden chair, and why it’s going to be the best weather in the UK yet.

Let’s be honest, when we organise a summer garden party, our main goal is that we want our family and friends to enjoy themselves. There are many things that go into a successful and enjoyable outdoor gathering, a few of those being:

  • The weather (especially in the UK!)
  • The food (burnt BBQ & uncooked chicken are no nos!)
  • The drinks (well stocked…obviously)

But one thing that can make or break your garden party is actually the way you furnish both patio and lawn areas of your garden.

If done right, you can really invigorate your outdoor space, creating a sociable and comfortable environment to help spark conversation, and keep partygoers enthusiastic throughout the evening and into the early hours.

Flexibility is a must

Simply put, you will have varying amounts of people, all with different comfort needs and seat preferences. The best garden furniture will give you the flexibility to move things around, and customise are you wish, without making your garden look like a jumble sale from the local caravan park.

Also having an adjustable table provides the flexibility to dine upright in a formal setting, then lower the table for a more relaxed casual drinks feel.

Comfortable Garden Furniture Beats all Else

Nothing makes guests enjoy their time more than a garden chair or sofa that’s extra comfy. If you can lay back and get lost in the cushions, relaxing in the afternoon sun then you’re on for a winning set. The ability to recline is an added bonus, and high backed chairs allow those with poor posture or back pain to rest while also being fully supported. We recommend the reclining garden chairs from Garden Centre Shopping, as they are UV stabilized rattan with an aluminium frame, proven to be weatherproof furniture that can be left outside all year round.

The best solution – Reclining Garden Furniture

After testing various types of furniture, we’ve come to the conclusion that the most comfortable and flexible garden furniture sets are those that are reclining rattan, specifically those from Majestique Rattan, a premium provider in the UK.

The Best Majestique Reclining Rattan Retailers

If you’re looking to buy this garden furniture online, then we recommend the following retailers, as they stock Majestique and have UK home delivery available on their website. These retailers have proven themselves time and time again to be very good when it comes to garden furniture, and have a range of products including reclining chairs, rocking chairs, reclining sofas, reclining dining sets, and high backed arm chairs which will be your new favourite place to sit in 2018.

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