Best Women’s Cashmere and Wool Cardigans

Pullover jumpers are deadly to a good hairstyle, and few are the jackets that really complement an outfit – if you want to have the option to add a cosy layer without ruining your look, then look no further than a good cardigan. From the budget and hardy-wearing types to luxury cashmere for elegant events, there is a cardi to suit every need and budget, and few items are as effective at adding versatility to your existing wardrobe.

Here are a few great choices.

Cashmere Crew Neck Cardigans

Boden has been selling tons of these cardis every year for a decade or more. They are currently available in thirteen colours too, so there is one – or more than one – to suit every item in your wardrobe. It’s worth having a few on hand to complement your look, no matter what it might be.

Mustard Cable Knitted Cardigan

Chunky cable knit, complete with elbow patches, this wonderful item comes in mustard yellow or cobalt blue.

Sophie Aztec Cardigan

In popular Aztec print and at a price point that won’t break the bank account, this cardi comes in five colours to suit a wide range of looks.

Next Long Cardigan

If you prefer a longer line, this belted cardi adds a level of elegance to even a casual outfit. Throw it on over leggings and a tee, and suddenly you’re fit for a fine brunch or smart-casual dinner. Available in petit and tall versions, a perfect fit is just a moment away.

Animal Print Cardigan

Le them hear you roar in one of these luxurious animal print cardis, machine washable and easy to wear.

Nobo Oversized Cardigan

Want to get lost in the comfort of a good oversized cardi? Here’s a great choice. Wool blend for warmth and comfort, ample pocket sizes, and with a style that hints at fun while exuding relation and a laid-back vibe.

Geo Sherling Drape Cardi

Cardigans run on a spectrum from those that aren’t much more substantial than an open-front tee-shirt, to those that are almost coats in their own right – and this one sits closer to the coat end of the range. This will keep you warm when it starts to get cooler, and will do it in style.

Navy Kris Cardigan

Cool and classic, with just enough edge to make this Danish brand recognizable, this oversized cardi is soft, fluffy, comfortable and bold of appearance. A great combination!

Cashmere Hooded Zip Cardigan

This piece is one that you’ll want to treasure and love for the long term. Cashmere luxury with a classic style that will be ‘in’ year after year, means that the higher price tag brings great value with it. Dusky pink or pale grey options will add a sophisticated elegance to whatever you have on underneath it. Cashmere wraps are also great for the winter.

Campione Cardi

This 80% lamb’s-wool garment is super-warm and very comfortable. The asymmetrical design is an eye-catcher – in a good way! – and they haven’t forgotten the details either, like real wooden buttons.

Our Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an open cardigan (one with no buttons), then go with animal print or Aztec design. Either one will look great. For a buttoned version, you can’t lose with classic design and wide range of colours. Adding two or three to your wardrobe will ensure a comfortable cool-air option no matter what you choose to wear underneath it.

Instant style, every time.

You can find out more about cashmere cardigans here:

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