Apple Blossoms Been and Gone

Apple Blossom’s Been and Gone

This year our Discovery apple tree put on a stunning show of bright white blossom, tinged with just the faintest hint of rose.

Here’s a snap I took a couple of weeks ago when the sun was shining:

The high winds and harder rains we’ve had since then have taken their toll and the blossom is all-but gone (much to the frustration of the local bee population).

The tree now boasts hundreds of micro-fruitlets. I know June Drop will remove most of those – although hopefully not as dramatically as last year – but with any luck there’ll be a bumper harvest of crisp, juicy Discovery apples this August. I may even get the chance to experiment with drying apple rings, or making fruit leather, which is something I’ve long wanted to have a go at.

Alas, the same can’t be said for the other eating apple tree in the garden. The Bloody Ploughman has failed to put out so much as a single blossom, for the fourth year running. I’ll be dropping a line to the nursery that I bought the tree from to see if they can offer any advice, but otherwise I’ll either have to be patient and hope it finally performs next year or decide to cut my losses and see if I can chop it down, dig it out and start again with another variety.

It also means my apple cross-breeding experiment is on hold for another year, which is a shame as well.

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