Now Picking: Courgette Striata di Napoli

This year I grew about a dozen courgette seedlings and planted the strongest four in two large, round plastic tubs. Two each of Striata di Napoli and Zucchini. The all began flowering about six weeks ago and the first Striata di Napoli fruits were ready for picking about ten days back:

Jo and I ate those first two sautéed in butter with mushrooms and garlic. Absolutely delicious. A lovely fresh, almost nutty flavour. Very good raw as well (I couldn’t resist having a nibble).

There are a couple more Striata di Napoli fruits on the plants now, which really ought to be picked soon as they’re heading for mini-marrow size. The Zucchini are only just beginning to catch up: slower croppers, those.

2 comments to Now Picking: Courgette Striata di Napoli

  • Well done you – I’ve made a note of the stripies for next year. My courgettes aren’t doing all that well and are just at the flowering stage. The biggest and best was in a large tub and then we went away for fives days last week and it is looking very sorry for itself. Thank heavens for rain!

  • I think I neglected mine a little this year – they got very dry at the start of the recent dry spell and of course when I started watering them, the compost was so hard the water mostly ran straight through. Next year I think I’ll invest in some large plastic saucers to sit underneath, or stand them in a growbag-tray, maybe.

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