Damn. Disastrous Garlic Harvest This Year…

I had high hopes for this year’s garlic crop. Based on results over the past couple of years, where four seed-stock bulbs resulted in forty plants and a harvest of around 36 good-sized bulbs, I was confident of a repeat performance. Last Autumn I used the same seed stock supplier and same planting method again – maybe positioning the cloves a little deeper – and rotated the planting location out of raised bed #2 and into first section of the long veg bed.

All seemed to be going well – strong growth, plenty of leaf and stem, no bolting – until last weekend, when I grabbed my garden fork and lifted the first few bulbs…

A horrible sight greeted me: rot, and lots of it. Some stems just broke away from the mush that maybe used to be a garlic bulb. Some bulbs had barely formed and were mostly mush anyhow. Others could have been halfway-decent, if not for the white mould, black skin and odour of rot. From the 40 cloves I planted last Autumn, I think I can salvage maybe eight or nine bulbs, of which two might be the sort of thing you can pick up in Sainsburys for 30p each.

I think the culprit has to be the piss-poor Spring. The plants seemed to have over-wintered nicely, despite the particularly harsh conditions, but then when Spring was delayed they just weren’t able to get up to speed. Too much cold, too much moisture. Bad luck all round.

So it goes, I suppose. But garlic is such a favourite, and usually such a reliable cropper, that this is a particularly disappointing result. Fingers crossed for better luck next year.

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  • What a rotten shame. Was it a hardneck variety and did you plant in Autumn? I ask because soft neck and spring planting is a bit hit and miss ‘up North’. There is a garlic rot (disease) I tink that ooks like this so might not have been the weather conditions. Check it out, because you can’t put garlic in the same place – it takes 40 years for it to die out!!!!!

  • sorry about tink and ooks!!

  • They were all softneck varieties, which I planted out last Autumn. I ordered a softneck pack from The Garlic Farm (Isle of Wight), same as the two previous years, which had both done very well.

    I’ll look into the garlic rot, ta. Might have to switch to tubs for next year if it looks like I’ve got a dose.

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