Garden Inspiration: Easton Walled Gardens, Lincolnshire

Jo and I are not long back from a few days down in Cromer, on the East coast of Norfolk. On the way down the A1 we stopped off for an hour or two at Easton Walled Gardens, just south of Grantham in Lincolnshire.

Ten years ago this was a derelict estate, the former site of Easton Hall, which was demolished in 1951 – after the Royal Artillery had been billeted there during the second world war – leaving just the stables and coach house section, which was apparently only saved because the demolition equipment broke down before the job was completed.

Now, it’s the site of a major restoration project that aims to return as much of the gardens to their former glory as possible. It’s a rather lovely place to visit, with a range of distinct garden areas to explore. There’s a kitchen garden, a woodland walk, semi-formal planted lawns, a turf maze, a meadow bank leading down to the stream that runs through the grounds, a decorative bridge and of course the walled gardens themselves, which are being planted as a combined orchard for local fruit varieties and rose garden. Sections of the gardens are still very much under development, but others are well-established and overall it’s a project with absolutely enormous potential.

Jo and I thoroughly enjoyed wandering around, as well as lunch at the on-site café, and I took a couple of dozen pic, the best of which are below. Click any of the thumbnails to open up a slideshow gallery:

Easton Walled Gardens is well worth a visit if you’re ever in that part of the world. Jo and I are planning to go back on a semi-regular basis, every few years, to see how the gardens are coming along.

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