Sowing More Beans

Sowing More Beans

My first batch of beans – a dozen broad bean ‘de Monica’, planted back in March – haven’t done so well. Two managed to germinate and have struggled towards being just about large enough to pot on, but the rest either germinated during that March mini-heatwave we had then got sun-scorched, or just rotted away to mush in their pots.

Which is why yesterday I rolled up my sowing sleeves and started off another five varieties: runner bean ‘Butler’, dwarf French bean ‘Maxi’, dwarf French bean ‘Black & White Kidney Bean’, another batch of broad bean ‘de Monica’ and a dozen of the ‘Cherokee Trail of Tears’ climbing beans that m’colleague Mark gave me at the end of last season, having collected them from the plants he very successfully grew.

Most of them were planted according to my usual cardboard tube method, as per the Cherokee Trail of Tears and Black & White Kidney beans:

(By the by, if I had kids, I would’ve told them the latter were cow seeds, Fresian variety, most definitely).

I decided to try something a little different with half a dozen of the runner beans, using double-length tubes from kitchen paper rolls, rather than toilet rolls:

The idea being to give the roots more depth of compost to develop into before they’re planted out. I’ll let you know how they get on in comparison to their regularly-tubed comrades.

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