Newtons Apple (Wine)

Newton’s Apple (Wine)

Homemade Apple Wine (Blenheim Orange Variety). Picked Autumn 2010, bottled Spring 2012. (You can see an earlier stage of production here.) It’s a very long process, but I genuinely can’t believe how good the results are. I mean, we were fully prepared for this to taste terrible, but after two years being racked into various demijohns, it’s matured amazingly well.

The taste? At first, on the nose, you get the impression it’s going to taste like cider, but actually when you drink it, it’s a lot cleaner and smoother, with a rich, honeyed taste. Touch of grapefruit and tropical notes. A nice malty tang in the distance (no idea where that’s come from). I reckon served chilled in the middle of summer, that’ll go down very nicely. In fact, it goes down a little too nicely – I’ve no idea how strong it is, but it packs a punch!

We’ve got another three wine experiments on the go – Cherry, Crabapple, Blackberry and Apple – in addition to Blackberry Port…

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