Apple Tree Pruning Advice Welcome!

Apple Tree Pruning – Advice Welcome!

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Back in September I posted an apple tree pruning plan for my Bloody Ploughman tree, which has been completely unproductive for the past two seasons. On Dad-in-law Guru-Glyn’s advice I gave it a mid-season prune at the time and then a couple of weeks ago, after a few days of reasonably dry-ish weather, I pruned it again, with the following end result:

As you can see, I bottled it when it came to my original plan to lop off that branch on the lower-left (seen here from a different angle as the sun was very low in the sky when I took the pic). The thing is, I’m a bit worried that without that branch to provide a counter-weight, the bulk of the tree’s growth will be on the opposite side and could lead to it over-balancing. So I’m tempted to leave that limb for one more season and see how that second-lowest branch develops; hopefully I’ll end up with three strong branches growing from the same area of the trunk and providing good structure and stability.

But I genuinely don’t know and would welcome any advice – are there any expert pruners out there, and if so, what do you reckon?

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