State of the Plot January 2012

State of the Plot – January 2012

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Here’s what my backyard kitchen garden looks like at the moment:

Okay, it’s early January, so obviously there’s not an awful lot going on. Jo and I spent a few hours in November and December picking up masses of sycamore leaves and dumping them in the council recycling bin and I’ve tidied most of the stray pots and containers away, so it’s not looking too scruffy. Just a little… sparse.

But it’s not completely bare and empty. The strawberries in the first raised bed have lost a lot of their foliage but I can tell they’re just poised to burst forth again in the Spring. I cut down last year’s raspberry canes in the same bed, and have already spotted a few new growth tips, which augurs well for another bumper harvest next year.

In the second raised bed, garlic shoots are beginning to show through (whilst I hope we don’t have a repeat of last year’s arctic conditions, but a couple of sharp frosts to help the cloves separate out and form proper bulbs would be good) and there’s still a mass of vaguely pak choi-ish greenery at the other end. Whilst in the far bed, there’s still a bit of potentially-harvestable kale and some chard shoots that might not be too mushy – good enough for soup, perhaps.

But what I really see when I look at that photo – as well as the decking area around the corner, the herb tubs to the lower left of that shot, and the greenhouse behind where I was standing when I snapped it – is a whole lot of potential. I plans for a wider range of sowing and planting in 2012 which will hopefully combine my experience of 2011′s reasonably impressive harvests – plus 2010′s container-growing experiments – to help me maximise my use of the available space and get as much fresh fruit and veg as I possibly can out of our backyard plot.

I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in. First job: seed sorting.

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