All Gone a Bit Quiet

All Gone a Bit Quiet…

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So, winter is well and truly upon us and as a result it’s all gone a bit quiet in the garden. I was still harvesting big, fat handfuls of raspberries up until a couple of weeks ago – our six canes have really done us proud – and we’ve got some kale and a few herbs (the ones that are living in the greenhouse for frost-protection) to pick from, but otherwise it’s all over for another year.

It was a good year, though. Loads of spuds, plenty of runner beans (although there would have been more if I’d picked them more often), a decent apple harvest, better on the blueberry front, some great garlic bulbs, loads of pick-and-come-again summer and autumn salads, a few dozen chillies and a few good sticks of rhubarb. All of which I’m looking forward to growing again next year, with some new or re-planted fruit and veg to join them.

And it’s gone a bit quiet around these online parts, too (apart from Mark’s sprout post) although that’s probably not so much a purely seasonal thing. Instead, I started a new job a few weeks ago and am still on the steep part of the learning curve and Mark’s been writing his next book (he’s a novelist, you know!) so we’ve both been kinda busy.

That being the case and with Yuletide just around the corner I think it’s safe top assume that Backyard Kitchen Garden is going to stay in hibernation for at least another few of weeks. But Mark and I have been bouncing some ideas around and we’re going to be back in the New Year with a few new content streams to try out: garden / plot inspiration pieces, recipe ideas, more photo galleries, lots more garden lessons learned; that sort of thing. Plus we’re planning to start linking out to other gardening blogs and/or news items of interest to GYO gardeners as well.

Have a great holiday season in the meantime and we’ll be back before too long.

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