Chilies and Lilies

Chilies and Lilies

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The Chili Pepper Cayenne crop has been slowly ripening from green to red in the greenhouse over the past few weeks and I’m about ready to harvest a couple of dozen fiery little flavour bombs. Here’s where they looked like the last time the sun was shining:

Also in the greenhouse for the past couple of weeks, we’ve had a rather spectacular crop of lilies. Jo’s Mum gave us a planted tub for our anniversary which contained a heuchera, an ornamental grass, a couple of other leafy things and four lily bulbs. They slowly developed over the summer into long-stemmed plants with multiple flower heads, but showed no sign whatsoever of blossoming. Until that is we moved them into the greenhouse to keep them out of the way of the remnants of hurricane Katia a few weeks back. Next thing we knew, the greenhouse was full of big, white blooms and the heady vanilla scent of lilies.

Our tomatoes may have been a bit blighted and generally pathetic this year, but at least we got some use out of our greenhouse.

And here’s a close-up of one of those rather magnificent flowers:

I do like a plain white lily. There’s an elegant simplicity to them; none of the frilly, over-fancy show-offery that so many large blooms rely on.

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