Its Good to be Back

It’s Good to be Back

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Jo and I returned from a week away in the South West – Gloucester, Worcester, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, places like that… including a visit to the truly amazing Eden Porject, more on which in a future post – on Sunday afternoon and pretty much the first thing we did was get out into the garden to see what was what.

Turned out the spinach had gone ballistic again…

…so that’s another batch of spinach and potato soup in the offing this weekend, I reckon.

Elsewhere, the runner bean frame was in danger of imminent collapse due to the sheer weight of plant matter that’s now sprawled across it, so that had to be tied back to the fence-posts and we had a bumper portion of beans with last night’s cottage pie. Apart from that, everything seemed pretty much fine. The raspberry canes in the raised bed have grown to about four feet high and are putting out buds. The assorted salad leaves I re-planted in the greenhouse before we went away have germinated nicely. All good.

Jo was also very happy to see that her sweet pea wall had been productive in her absence:

Yes, those are a few extra runner bean plants in the foreground there, not some bizarrely bean-like species of sweet pea.

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