First Couple of Potato Harvests

First Couple of Potato Harvests

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I planted spuds in a couple of locations this year. Half of the second raised bed became home to a variety of supermarket-bought, gone-to-chit leftovers of various varieties. And I planted several old compost sacks up with a similar batch of nicely-chitted Anyas and Lady Balfour’s – my two favourite general-purpose varieties, the former ideal for salads, the latter generally growing a big larger and therefore more of an all-rounder better for mash, roasting etc.

So far I’ve been able to dig up / turn out a pretty good mix of sizes and shapes, quite a few of which we’ve already enjoyed as new potatoes or in a soup (a post on that subject is coming soon).

Here they are in all their spuddy glory:

(These photos were taken a few days apart, hence the difference in light levels…)

To store the ones we haven’t scoffed already, we’ve got a spud-sack (basically a cloth bag with a draw-string neck) that we picked up from Lakeland a few years ago. That will keep the light off them and stop them from sprouting long enough for us to munch our way through the batch.

Then we’ve still got another five or six sacks growing on the decking, as well as a couple of rogue plants that sprung up underneath the runner beans, from a couple of runts we must have missed last year. Shouldn’t need to buy any spuds until the end of September or so, all being well.

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