The Garlic Harvest Is In

The Garlic Harvest Is In

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Jo and I love garlic, and we’ve grown it for the past three or four years. The first couple of years provided mixed success rates (plants bolting very quickly, very small, dry bulbs the result), so when I started thinking about planting this year’s crop back in December, I decided to up my game. Firstly, I ordered a couple of sets (Iberian Wight and Sicilian Red) online from Thompson & Morgan (rather than just picking up random junk at B&Q) and secondly I planted them much earlier than I previously had, to give them the full benefit of what of course turned out to be a very cold winter indeed.

The results were pretty darn impressive, in comparison to previous years. From a third of a raised bed’s worth of planted cloves we’ve ended up with a good couple of dozen fat, sweet bulbs with more still in the ground (although I’ll probably lift those later today as there’s rain forecast for Monday onwards).

Here’s a shot of this year’s harvest drying in the greenhouse a couple of weeks ago:

Those ‘drying racks’ are actually old filing tray baskets that Jo brought home from work following an office moved that saw the old filing system made redundant (we have about a dozen assorted baskets stacked up in the shed by now).

Next up a few handy hints on garlic storage, the slightly hit-and-miss but good-enough (dammit) way.

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