Its Discovery Season!

It’s Discovery Season!

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I actually let out a small whoop of delight in the supermarket on Thursday (I don’t think anyone heard me) when I got as far as the apple section and saw that the first batch of new season Discovery apples are now on sale.

This is something of an annual watershed moment: Discoveries are always the first of the commercial British dessert apples to become available, as they ripen in late July and early August. And as well as being delicious in their own right, they also hold out the promise of Egremont Russets to come…

Plus, we’ve got a Discovery tree in our garden, of course. It’s only a few years old and we’ve only had sparse crops from it so far, but last year it put on a lot of new growth and this year the fruiting spurs have produced a couple of dozen apples, which have been steadily ripening:

Mind you, quite a few of them seem to be marked with a few small, dry brown blotches:

I don’t think it’s anything particularly serious, perhaps there was a dry spell back when the fruitlets were forming, something like that? It won’t put us off eating them when they start to twist off the tree, hopefully in a few days. Which gives me just enough time to munch my way through the two bags I picked up from the supermarket on Thursday…

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