Apple Wine

Apple Wine

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The Blenheim 2011, brewed between 2010 and 2011 in my house.

It’s apple wine, made from the Blenheim Orange variety. Picked in October 2010 from a tree in Oxfordshire, the apples were chopped, briefly boiled, put into a fermenting bin with yeast, fed ritualistically, filtered, fermented, racked, fermented, racked, aged and finally drunk. All according to instructions from an old book, Recipes for Prizewinning Wines, by Bryan Acton. Here’s the earlier shot of when it looked like sludge.

Serve chilled.

On the nose: grapefruits, apples, sauvignon blanc, a distant earthy note. In the mouth: surprisingly delicious actually. The same notes as the smell again – tropical fruit notes, very sauvignon blanc – perhaps a little stronger. One of the dangers of home-brew is that you don’t always know how strong this actually is…

Very happy with the results. It’s incredible how it’s turned out after all these months; we’re going to leave one demijohn for another few months to see how it matures, before we begin again with this year’s batch.


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