New Herbs from Herbal Haven

New Herbs from Herbal Haven

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Last week Mark sent me a link to the website of herb growers Herbal Haven. As I’m a bit of a herb lover (okay, I admit it: I’m herb-obsessed and tend to compulsively buy interesting varieties) it wasn’t too long before I’d placed an order for a dozen new plants: Winter Savory, St John’s Wort, Alecost, Bergamot, Good King Henry, Musk Mallow, Chocolate Mint, Grapefruit Mint, Lime Mint, Blackcurrant Sage, Skullcap and Valerian.

They weren’t dispatched last week – Herbal Haven wanted to minimise the risk of the package being stuck in a warehouse over the Bank Hol weekend – and instead were sent out yesterday, arriving this morning.

They were very well-packaged, with four plastic containers in a box:

Each container holding three potted plants, the pots individually wrapped in cellophane to keep the moisture in:

All twelve plants were in tip-top condition and none the worse for wear for their overnight courier trip:

I’ll be planting those out this evening, either into the hexagonal herb tubs or individual pots as available space seems to warrant. And then I’ll look forward to experimenting with a few new herbal tea flavour combinations, once they’ve put on a bit of growth.

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