Planting Out: Swiss Chard and Spinach and Kale

Planting Out: Swiss Chard and Spinach and Kale

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Last Sunday the weather was reasonably stable (it’s been a mix of wet, windy and downright stormy up here in Manchester recently) so I took the opportunity to plant our a batch of leaf crops.

First, I prepared the patch with plenty of compost from our home composting system and raked it in well:

Next, I brought over the young plants that have been growing on in the greenhouse for a few weeks and positioned them, still in their pots, to get an idea of the general placement:

As it had been quite cool for the previous couple of weeks, I decided to skip the usual hardening-off in the cold frame. A bit of a gamble, but these are all tough-ish plants, so I wasn’t too worried.

Once I’d dug and planted my assortment of swiss chard (Bright Lights), kale (Curly Scarlet) and Spinach (Gro-Sure El Grinta), all that was left was to water in well…

…(thanks to Jo for the hand-modelling services, there) and then leave them to do their thing:

Those non-food-crop plants are sacrificial nasturtium (Alaska Mix); the theory being that black fly love ‘em and will hopefully gravitate towards those instead of the leaf crops. The space in the middle of that patch is reserved for a batch of newly-germinated kale that’s still growing-on in the greenhouse at the moment. Three more varieties: Ursa Red Russian, Sutherland and Curly Green (Jo and I are big kale fans). And the smaller gap at the front will eventually (hopefully) be filled with pak choi (which reminds me, I need to get the seeds in this weekend).

I’m happy to say that since they went in the young plants have survived a couple of lashing downpours of rain and even hail and seem to be thriving.Jo and I are Looking forward to the first young leaf pickings in a couple of weeks.

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