Plot Summary May 2011

Plot Summary – May 2011

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Well, as you’d expect, things have moved on quite dramatically since my January Plot Summary piece. We’ve had the warmest April since records began (it was also the 11th driest), followed by a recent burst of much wetter weather. It’s as if the weather Gods suddenly realised they’d forgotten to do April, dammit, so decided to cram it into the first two weeks of May to catch up.

Still, the garden’s loving it (occasional thunderstorms aside), although the last couple of weeks have been a little too cold and wet to plant out the pots and pots of young plants currently growing on at a great rate of knots in the greenhouse. I might have to just chuck them in the ground this weekend and hope for the best; I need to get the toms into their grow-bags before too long, so the plastic shelving has to be packed away, which means I need some of the space on the staging back… it’s a delicate choreography, keeping everything running smoothly when you’ve only got 6′x6′ to play with.

Anyhow, here’s what my backyard kitchen garden plot is looking like at the moment:

The strawberries in the first bed put out dozens of flowers during Stupidly Hot April and the bees were busy, but they don’t seem to have done much since. Certainly there’s not much in the way of ripening going on. The garlic in the second bed is reaching jungle-like proportions, and the few spud plants in there as well seem to be doing just fine.

Meanwhile, the runner beans in the back bed are making an effort to get acquainted with the framework I built for them:

Round the corner in the decking area, we have a few old compost sacks planted up with salad spuds (mainly Anya):

Although there’s not much happening on the sweet pea climbing-frame just yet, but it’s still early days. Another burst of warm weather should encourage a growth-spurt, all being well:

I’ll post a few shots of the greenhouse plants and the herb tubs in another post or two; that seems to be where most of the action is at the moment.

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