Apples on the Way

Apples on the Way

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Three winters ago, we planted two apple trees in our garden: one Discovery and one Bloody Ploughman – both from the same pollination group, both well adapted to Northern climes.

In their first year both trees produced a few apples. In year two a bad April storm blew most of the blossom off the Discovery before it had had chance to be pollinated and so the tree produced just three or four fruits. But that was still better a better showing than the Ploughman, which didn’t produce so much as a single blossom.

So, last winter Jo and I decided to take steps to help out and planted a crab apple John Downie – a superstar cross-pollinator – between the two apple trees and crossed our fingers.

This year, alas, the Bloody Ploughman once again failed to put out any blossom buds (if anyone has any idea why the tree might have decided to go dormant for two seasons, I’d love to hear suggestions via the comments) but I’m happy to say that both the Discovery and the John Downie were absolutely covered in blossom last month:

During the long, hot April the bees were busy and last weekend when I checked the Discovery I was very happy to see that it’s absolutely covered in fruitlets:

Fingers crossed for a bumper harvest in August!

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