More Spring Colour

More Spring Colour

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Most of the flowers that were in bloom a couple of weeks ago have died back now. But thanks to a combination of legacy perennials, some forward thinking by Jo and a recent trip to the Giant’s Seat Garden Centre up in Stoneclough (highly recommended if you’re in the North Manchester area yourself) we’ve got a new batch of fresh colour livening up the garden (and hopefully luring in the bees…)

Because we don’t have a lot of room in our garden, Jo tends not to go for vast arrays of flowers, preferring small groups or solo bursts of colour and form, like these poppies:

We also have some orange geraniums on show, and the first ornamental aliums of the season have started to bloom:

We’ve also got some rather lovely new foliage on show, from one of our five heucheras (I think this one is called ‘Berry Smoothie’) and our something-Japonica, which has put on a healthy burst of bright red leaves this spring:

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