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Spring Colour

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We have a fairly clear division of duties in our backyard plot: I’m in charge of edibles in the fruit & veg department, and Jo looks after the decoratives in the flowers (or bee-lures, as I like to think of them) and foliage department. At this time of year, the fruits of Jo’s bulb-planting efforts last Autumn are in full swing. The crocuses have been and gone and the daffodils are starting to look a little ragged, but we’ve got some bright colour-bursts from the mini-tulips, grape hyacinths and fratillaries to enjoy at the moment:

And it’s always good to see the imminent return of a perennial favourite, as the hosta leaf tips begin to break surface:

Plus, a contribution or two from my own department:

I think that potato plant is either a Red King Edward or a Red Duke of York, something like that. Either way, the purple and green foliage is quite striking.

Not finding any keyword-related posts just now… stay tuned.

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